Where’s My Password Reset Portal?

Back in June this year we published a blog post that ran through What Passwordstate Options Are Installed And Where?

But guess what… yeah that’s right… the author went and forgot to include the details for where the Password Reset Portal is installed!  So… this mini-blog-post should be read in conjunction with the original here https://blog.clickstudios.com.au/what-passwordstate-options-are-installed-and-where/.

What Is The Password Reset Portal?

The Click Studios Passwordstate Password Reset Portal is a subscription based Self-Service Portal for your users to unlock, or reset the password for their Active Directory Domain account.  It requires Passwordstate to be installed and you must have active Annual Support and Upgrade Protection on your Passwordstate instance.

It uses secure verification policies to identify your users, allows them to unlock or reset their Active Directory password 24/7 and provides tools to assist with diagnosing where lockouts are occurring.  Once you apply your subscription license key you can access the settings under Administration->Password Reset Portal Administration,

Users access the Password Reset Portal by navigating to the designated URL you have supplied.  The appearance of the site can be tailored under Administration->Password Reset Portal Administration->System Settings->branding,

How Do I Find Where It’s Installed?

The URL for your Password Reset Portal is located under Administration->Password Reset Portal Administration->System Settings->miscellaneous as per the image below (note I’ve redacted the URL in the example), 

Now you can locate the IP address for that webserver.  You can do this by looking up the DNS record for that webserver.  I’m on a Windows 11 client, and to do this I can open a Command Prompt with Administrative privileges, and type nslookup followed by the URL minus the https://,

As an example, if your URL for the Password Reset Portal was https://passwordresetportal.mydomain.com then you would type,

nslookup passwordresetportal.mydomain.com

And it will return your IP address for that webserver. And yes, it really is as simple as that. If you’d like to share your feedback please send it through to support@clickstudios.com.au.