What Is Maintenance Mode?

Have you ever considered if there is an impact associated with performing upgrades to systems?  Or for that matter, how you minimize any potential impact on your internal customers?

Many Operating Systems and Applications use the concept of a “Maintenance Mode”.  This is designed to allow the person performing the change, to perform the actions associated with the change, in a way that doesn’t significantly impact on the users of that system.

So… the next question is does Passwordstate have a “Maintenance Mode” type feature?  Yes, it does.

What is Maintenance Mode?

Located under Administration->Passwordstate Administration->Maintenance and Upgrades you’ll find 3 buttons as shown in the image below, 

  • Enable Maintenance Mode: This button allows you to put your Passwordstate instance in Maintenance Mode
  • Send Outage Notification:  This button is used to send outage notifications
  • Upgrade Information: Is used to obtain upgrade information

The Passwordstate Maintenance Mode feature is designed to place your instance into a restricted login state.  While in this state all new user login requests will be rejected.  Only the user account that has enabled Maintenance Mode can access Passwordstate.  It is highly recommended that you place your instance in Maintenance Mode before performing any upgrades to Passwordstate.

You can also monitor and terminate existing users.

So… How Do You Enable Maintenance Mode?

This is really simple, first you navigate to Administration->Passwordstate Administration->Maintenance and Upgrades and click on the Enable Maintenance Mode button,

Specify the number of minutes that you want to wait before terminating any other users that are logged in and click on the Enable Maintenance Mode button as show below,

In the display grid shown in the green box above, you’ll see all currently logged in users.  These users that are logged into the Passwordstate User Interface will receive a pop-up message advising their session is about to end, to save work and log off.

Please note, as stated on the screen above, if users’ sessions are not clearing it’s because they have closed their browser without logging out. You will need to wait or restart the your Passwordstate web site in IIS and log back in with the user account used to Enable Maintenance Mode.

How do you exit from Maintenance Mode?

How do you disable Maintenance Mode?  If you’ve enabled it and performed an upgrade, your instance will automatically be taken out of Maintenance Mode, on completion of the upgrade process.

If you need to disable it manually, simply return to Administration->Passwordstate Administration.  The section that was previously show as Maintenance and Upgrades is now shown in red as Maintenance Mode – Active.  From here you can click on the Disable Maintenance Mode button,

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