What Else Can I Record with Passwordstate

Most existing customers will have a good idea of the benefits that Passwordstate provides.  The core product, an on-premise web-based solution for Enterprise Password Management, provides enormous flexibility for individuals and teams accessing and sharing sensitive password resources.

However, in this week’s blog we want to draw to your attention some other use cases, where Passwordstate’s ability to share information, based on assigned roles and permissions along with audited access, can provide even greater value to your organization.

So what else can I Record?

Passwordstate has a number of default templates, not related to Passwords, that can be used through the Add Shared Password List Wizard.  The key one’s being,

  • Alarm/Door Codes
  • Credit Cards
  • Software Licences
  • SSL Certificates

By using the Add Shared Password List Wizard and selecting one of the above templates you are in effect creating a List of critical details relating to that topic instead of a Password List.  The example below is the Click Studios Door PIN Codes which lists all the PIN codes for access to different sections of the Click Studios office,

The details in each List consist of Standard and Generic fields, with all Generic fields being able to be renamed to fit in with an organization’s terminology and naming conventions.  You can easily add additional fields to suit your particular requirements.  Note you can select the Hide Column from the List view, so the hidden details are only revealed when you click on the record.  This ensures access to all of the data for that record is logged when a user reviews it.  You should also consider ticking the Encrypt check box to prevent Database Administrators from seeing critical sensitive data stored within the database.

This List can then be provided to applicable users and Security Groups via Password List Permission->Grant New Permissions.

Default fields provided by each of the Templates

By default, Passwordstate provides the following predefined fields for each of the different Lists that you’ve created, 

  • Alarm/Door Codes: Title, Description, Building, Security Code
  • Credit Cards: Title, Description, Card Type, Card Number, CVV, Expiry Date
  • Software Licences: Title, Description, Software Name, Software Version, Software Owner, Expiry Date
  • SSL Certificates: Title, Description, Expiry Date

Build your own Lists

You can also build your own Lists, to suit other purposes.  The example below is our List containing Hardware Maintenance Contract details, including Authorization codes which are hidden and uploaded documents outlining all the device serial numbers, that are covered by maintenance,

Any information that needs strict control and audited access by authorised users can be setup with these Lists.

As always, we welcome your feedback via support@clickstudios.com.au.