Passwordstate User Preferences

Passwordstate provides individual users the ability to customize some aspects of the UI (User Interface) and how the software operates.  This is offered so that frequent users can tailor the use, look and feel to better match their own preferences.

This week’s blog runs you through what can be set, and if these settings are overridden by global settings, that your Security Administrator may have put in place in accordance with organizational policies.

To access your Preferences, go to the Main Navigation Menu on the Left Hand side of the screen, click on the Person icon and then select Preferences.

Passwords Tab

Under Preferences is the first tab, Passwords Tab.  From here you can set individual preferences for;

  1. How the Passwords Navigation Tree is handled.  This includes showing it collapsed or remembering what Nodes,or Password Lists and Folders, were expanded.  If all Password Lists / Folders were shown or hidden,
  2. Limiting the number of Nodes shown, or showing all of them,
  3. If you want to show the Permission Model icons next to the Nodes in the Passwords Navigation Tree,
  4. Preferences for the type of Remote Session Launcher, if used from any Hosts in the Passwords Tab.
  5. If you wish to use the Load On Demand feature for faster loading of Nodes in the Passwords Navigation Tree.

It also provides reference to some of the impacts associated with the Load On Demand feature that users need to be aware of.

Hosts Tab

The next tab is the Hosts Tab,

and you guessed it, on this tab you can set your individual preferences for;

  1. Limiting the number of displayed Nodes, this time Folders and Host Records, in the Hosts Navigation Tree,
  2. If you wish to use the Load On Demand feature for faster loading of Nodes in the Hosts Navigation Tree, and,
  3. Settings associated with using the Browser Based Remote Session launcher.

With the Browser Based Remote Session launcher, you can select a number of session based performance settings,

As well as specifying a different Keyboard layout for RDP sessions.  For SSH Sessions, you can specify the font size as well as Background Color and Font Color.

Miscellaneous Tab

The Miscellaneous Tab handles all preferences that are not aligned to specific groups of functionality,

This includes,

  1. If you want the password field, in Add / View and Edit pages, visible or masked by default,
  2. Auto Generating New Passwords when adding a new Password Record,
  3. Setting Search Criteria Stickiness across Password Screens,
  4. The Position of the Actions Toolbar,
  5. Sorting order on all Password List screens,
  6. Sorting order for Search Results and Favorite Passwords from the Passwords Home screen,
  7. Base settings from selected Template for new Shared Password Lists,
  8. Base permissions from selected Template for new Shared Password Lists, and,
  9. The Date Format you prefer.

Color Theme

The Color Theme tab simply allows you the option of either using the System Wide color theme or you can choose to set your own by clicking on Choose My Own,

If selecting Choose My Own you can then select the Base Color you wish to use throughout Passwordstate.

Authentication Options

The Authentication Tab provides the largest selection of options, all related to you authenticating with Passwordstate.  The options can be used for accessing the Passwordstate website, and as secondary authentication when accessing a Password List

Once you have selected the type of Web Authentication Option you wish to use you will need to ensure you’ve configured the corresponding authentication type.  Note I’ve selected Manual Login and Google Authenticator as my preference.

This first image shows the sections for ScramblePad Pin Number and One-Time Password Settings,

This second image shows the sections for YubiKey Authentication Settings and RADIUS Username, SecurID User ID, and Duo Security Username,

This third image shows the sections for Email Temporary Pin Code and Google Authenticator.  Here you can see I’ve gone through the process of enrolling, have scanned the generated QR code into my App (I’m actually using our Passwordstate Mobile App for this) and have saved the corresponding Secret Key,

Mobile Access Options

Next is the Mobile Access Options Tab.  Here you create the Master Password for your native iOS or Android Mobile App and generate the required QR code.  This is needed when setting up your Mobile App to sync with your Passwordstate Instance,

Browser Extension

The Browser Extension Tab controls the preferences for Automatic logout from the extension and any personal Ignored URLs,

Automatic logout of the Browser Extension can be set for,

  • When you close the browser, and,
  • When your computer has been idle for the specified number of minutes.

You can also clear the clipboard after a specified number of seconds, when performing the Copy to Clipboard from within the UI or from the Browser Extension.   


If you wish to use a One-Time Password code when using the Windows Integrated API (Application Programming Interface), you can set this on the API Tab,  

Preferences Overridden by Global Settings

Your Passwordstate Security Administrator can use a feature called User Account Policies, which may override the majority of the settings you can specify under your Preferences.  If this has been done then those settings on an individuals Preferences screen will be disabled.

Browser Extension settings, including logging out on browser closure, ignored URLs and permission to use the Extension can be set by your Security Administrator.  As can permission to use the native iOS and Android Mobile Apps.  If you don’t have permission to use you will not be able to fill out the details for your QR Code and enrolment.

If you believe you should be able to set your own Preferences, or have issues with enabling the Browser Extension or native Mobile Apps please speak with your Security Administrator in the first instance.  Further details on how to configure each of the preferences can be found on our website’s documentation page here,

If you’d like to share your feedback please send it through to