Passwordstate Email Notifications Explained

Passwordstate is designed to keep Security Administrators and users informed when different events take place. This is achieved through a combination of audit records, real-time monitoring and email notifications.

With over 50 different types of email notifications, Administrators and employees can be alerted to specific events happening within Passwordstate.  This can range from a simple event, such as a user copying a password to their clipboard, to License warnings being sent to all Security Administrators.  In order to use the Email Notifications, you’ll need to configure your email server settings under Administration->System Settings->Email Alerts and Options.

By default, all Email Notifications are enabled.  If you’re not careful this can result in Passwordstate “Spamming” your users.  At Click Studios we understand how frustrating this can be and have provided the ability for you to control which emails your employees receive.  This can be configured at the Security Administrator level, allowing control over which emails other users in the system receive.  It can also be controlled by users within their own preferences.

Controlling your own Emails:

To control your own individual Email Notifications, navigate to Preferences->Email Notifications as per the screen shot below:

Now select the Actions Menu for the notification you don’t want to receive, click it and select Toggle status – Enabled or Disabled.  You’ll see the Enabled icon change from a green tick to a red cross. To change it back simply repeat the process again and you’ll see it change back to a green tick in the Enabled column.

Once disabled you’ll no longer receive these notifications.  Note that if you can’t toggle the Enabled or Disabled status then your Security Administrator has put in place settings that override your preferences.

Control which Emails are sent to specific users in the system:

As a Security Administrator you can use Email Notification Groups to specify which email notifications certain users receive, or don’t receive.  This allows you to have certain notifications enabled for Security Administrators but disabled for standard user accounts in Passwordstate.

It is important to note that any Email Notification permissions you apply here for users will override their personal settings as set under their Preferences.  It is also important to note that If you have more than one Notification Group created for a user, any disabled Email Notification will over-ride its enabled counterpart in the other Notification Groups

To create an Email Notification Group, navigate to Administration->Email Notification Groups and click Add:

Give your Notification Group a meaningful name and description (as per the example below) and click Save:

Now from the Actions Menu, select View Notifications and disable the templates of your choice.  In this example, I’ll be disabling the Copy to Clipboard Notification only:

Navigate to the Password Copied To Clipboard Notification Group, click on the Actions Menu and select Toggle status – Enabled or Disabled.  You will see the Enabled icon change from a green tick to a red cross.

Then click on Return to Notification Groups.  Next, we need to apply this to some users.  In our example we’re applying it to a Security Group called IT Staff, and all the members in this group will be assigned to this Notification Group.  Select the Actions Menu and click on View Permissions:

Then we assign the permission to the IT Staff Security Group by clicking on Security Group, searching for IT, selecting the Group from the Left Hand pane and clicking on >> then clicking Save.

With this Notification Group now active, all users contained in the IT Staff Security Group will no longer receive the Copy to Clipboard emails.

Disabling Emails globally:

Security Administrators can disable Email Templates at a global level preventing them from being used in Passwordstate.  This will disable Email Notifications even if users have them enabled under their own Preferences.  It will also override any inclusions specified as part of an Email Notification Group

To globally disable an Email Template navigate to Administration->Email Templates, choose the Email Template you wish to disable, click on the Actions Menu and select Toggle status – Enabled or Disabled.

Once you disable the email from here it cannot be sent to any user.

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