Database Management post Build 9493

On 7th April 2022 Click Studios released Passwordstate Build 9493 which supported the storing of Unicode characters in the Passwordstate Database.  The change to Unicode ensures the unique representation for every character, no matter the … [Continue reading]

Troubleshooting Mobile App Error: Connection Failed

Way back in February this year (it seems like only a couple of days ago) we published a blog post on Troubleshooting Passwordstate App Server/Mobile App Connections.  The focus of that post was ensuring there was data to synchronize, checking … [Continue reading]

Managing Privileged Credentials More Important Than Ever

If your business uses Information Technology then you run the risk of your “accounts”, especially those with higher privileges, being used to exploit your most sensitive information and critical systems.  Unauthorized privileged access gives … [Continue reading]

Authorized Webserver Functional Roles

Part of the new functionality introduced in Passwordstate Build 9493 is the concept of using Functional Roles.  Functional Roles are supersets of functionality, that are designed, packaged and can be operated independently of your Primary … [Continue reading]

Custom Operating Systems linked to Hosts

A couple of weeks ago we published a blog article on how to create Custom Account Types and Scripts .  This week’s blog article builds on that with running through how to add … [Continue reading]

Migrating Passwordstate and Upgrading at the same time!

Click Studios provides extensive documentation for our customers.  This covers everything from User and Security Administrator Manuals, Installation Instructions, instructions on how perform upgrades and General Administration tasks. The … [Continue reading]

Sneak Peek of the Updated Mobile App

At the risk of repeating ourselves, the native Mobile Clients for Android and iOS, first introduced in Passwordstate V9 Build 9000, offer substantial flexibility for System Administrators and Users on the move.  These apps are used in a revised … [Continue reading]

Custom Account Types and Scripts

Passwordstate uses PowerShell scripting as the extensible platform for PAM, or Privileged Account Management.  The PowerShell scripts provided with Passwordstate enable Account Discovery, Password Resets and on-demand or scheduled validation … [Continue reading]

Auditing, Archived Events and SQL Management

To ensure transparency of actions, Passwordstate has over 120 audit events, all of which can be used in Scheduled Reports and for real-time alerts.  We ensure the visibility of audit events by providing the default option to display them in the … [Continue reading]

Troubleshooting Passwordstate App Server/Mobile App Connections

The Mobile Clients introduced in Passwordstate V9 are purpose-built iOS and Android apps.  These authenticate using an independent credential set and allow the secure storing of password records locally on the smartphone, within an encrypted … [Continue reading]