SQL Replication Options for Passwordstate HA

Let’s start this week’s blog with an admission.  I am not a SQL Database Administrator and I have no desire to become one.  In my professional opinion being a DBA requires a special way of looking at the world and that extends to how your … [Continue reading]

New Browser Extension Functionality Explained

Our Browser Extensions for Passwordstate enable the secure storing of website credentials in your Passwordstate instance.  The credentials can then be used to automatically form-fill credential input fields, such as the Username and Password … [Continue reading]

SSO For Users Located In A Different Domain

We’ve recently had a number of customers enquiring about Single Sign-On (SSO) to Passwordstate where they have multiple Active Directory Domains.  In these scenarios, the configuration is typically set for all user accounts located on one Domain … [Continue reading]

HA Auditing Records and Syslog Servers

Passwordstate has comprehensive auditing, with over 120 different Audit Events.  These events detail when password credentials and other information has been accessed, by whom, when and much more.  For a comprehensive list of events please … [Continue reading]

Custom Reports for Blocked IPs

We recently assisted a customer who was having troubling identifying the true source IP addresses of devices that were getting blocked in Passwordstate.  This can happen when Passwordstate recognizes a potential Brute Force Attack, typically if a … [Continue reading]

Pros and Cons of Remote Session Launchers

Passwordstate has 2 first-in-class Remote Access Solutions, a Browser Based Launcher and a Client Based Launcher.  These are included with all current versions of the core Passwordstate product and at no additional cost. The key advantage for … [Continue reading]

What Passwordstate Options Are Installed And Where?

In this week’s blog we’re looking at a scenario where a previous Passwordstate Administrator has left and you’re now in the driving seat.  One of the first tasks you’ve been given by your “overlords” is to find out how far behind your install is … [Continue reading]

What’s the difference between a Security Administrator and Administrator of a Password List?

Passwordstate uses the concepts of Security Administrators and Password List Administrators.  Both roles are specific in what they allow the user to do within Passwordstate and in relation to accessing Password Records.  The two named roles … [Continue reading]

Testing SAML Authentication Without Affecting Other Users

We were recently asked to recommend an approach where a project team could test the migration from an existing authentication model to SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) without impacting on the user’s ability to access Passwordstate. In … [Continue reading]

What does the Passwordstate Windows Service actually Do?

Passwordstate, being a web based solution, has a User Interface (UI) accessible via a published URL.  This enables authorized employees access to create, access and share credentials based on their assigned level of permission.  The UI is … [Continue reading]