Installing Passwordstate on a Windows 10 PC

One of the issues faced by small businesses, especially in today’s Cloud First World, is there is very little in the way of computing infrastructure that is hosted out of a bricks and mortar premises.  A lot of small business utilising SaaS … [Continue reading]

Branding Options for your Passwordstate Instance

Branding within Passwordstate offers customers the ability to configure their Instance to more closely match an organization’s corporate look and feel.  This can be as simple as providing a custom URL (Uniform Resource Locator), making it easier … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate Backup Functionality Explained

You’ll have to indulge me upfront this week. I’ve dusted off my old CTO and Management soapbox and here comes the Backups 101 lecture. Our driving philosophy is Password management should be affordable for everyone. Because it’s … [Continue reading]

Password Strength and Generator Policies in Detail

This week’s blog builds on the entry last week     Now that you’ve decided to block the use of Bad Passwords in your organization, using the Bad Passwords feature in … [Continue reading]

Bad Passwords, Pwned Accounts and Prevention

As the ongoing industry investigation continues, into what has widely become known as Solarigate, it’s worthwhile going back to some base concepts.     There’s an argument to be had that an organization’s privileged accounts should … [Continue reading]

Your Sysadmin has resigned, what do you do next?

Change within your workforce is inevitable!  Employee departure is almost a universal constant, right up there alongside death and taxes.  Employee’s move on for a range of reasons, some leave abruptly, some unfortunately have their … [Continue reading]

Real World Example – Importance of Password Management

Let’s start of this week’s blog with a confession.  Here at Click Studios we want businesses to buy and use Passwordstate!  When you buy licenses for our products, and take-out Annual Support and Upgrade Protection, you help us to maintain … [Continue reading]

Reporting Passwords about to Expire

In previous blog entries we’ve run through setting up Scheduled Reports to alert Security Administrators and users when particular events occur.  The previous examples focused on alerting an intended audience when extremely sensitive password … [Continue reading]

Improve Mobile Security

What is the single biggest threat to mobility in the workplace?  There isn’t one single threat, rather there are multiple threat categories that pose serious issue.  These range from Fake WiFi Networks, Malware Infections, Malicious Apps … [Continue reading]

Cyber Criminals Tools & Techniques

Building on last week’s blog Cyber Criminals Exploit the Human Factor, this week we’ll explore a little more detail around the tools and techniques used by Cyber Criminals to convince selected and targeted individuals to take action. To be … [Continue reading]