Migrating Passwordstate to a New Domain Part 2

A few weeks ago, we published a blog article on Moving the Passwordstate instance to a new Domain that has a Domain Trust.  That was the first permutation and this week’s blog covers off on the second permutation, moving a Passwordstate instance … [Continue reading]

Can you setup a Test Instance with Production Data

Did you know that Click Studios allows you to use your Passwordstate Production License Keys for One (1) non-production instance for Development, Staging or Quality Assurance (QA) purposes?  This information is included under section 3.5 Number … [Continue reading]

Migrating Passwordstate to a New Domain Part 1

Click Studios Technical Support deals with support calls ranging from ‘How do I create a new Password List?’  to ‘How do I recover my Passwordstate instance after a DR event?’ and everything in between.  A recent theme in support calls … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate User Preferences

Passwordstate provides individual users the ability to customize some aspects of the UI (User Interface) and how the software operates.  This is offered so that frequent users can tailor the use, look and feel to better match their own … [Continue reading]

Adding Corporate Bad Passwords

Passwordstate uses a number of approaches to prevent users from selecting easy to guess words for their Password.  It does this by referencing a list of words that you want to prohibit from being used.  The options, for where to reference … [Continue reading]

Browser Extension Authentication Step By Step

As part of our continual focus on improving security, we’ve recently reviewed the process used by our Browser Extensions when accessing Passwordstate.  The result being we’ve changed how the extensions authenticate back against your … [Continue reading]

How to Access Passwordstate During A DR Event

You get the phone call you’ve been dreading, “We’ve lost our network and Active Directory.  We’re unsure of the status of most systems but do have successful backups that we can recover from if required.  When can you get in to the office … [Continue reading]

Hardening Passwordstate from Within The UI

When asked about recommendations for hardening Passwordstate we’ve never really had a single point of reference for customers.  This blog has pulled together the responses previously sent to a number of customers and consolidated it for the … [Continue reading]

Example Mapping Field IDs

One of the new major features in our Browser Extensions for Passwordstate is the ability to easily map website input field IDs to fields within a Password Record.  This allows the Browser Extension to know exactly which input fields on a … [Continue reading]

Permission Model Examples

We receive quite a few support calls from customers wanting to understand the differences in our permission models.  To that end we’ve provided examples of the Standard, Advanced and Advanced Permission with Disabled Inheritance in this week’s … [Continue reading]