Protecting your Passwordstate Website when exposing it to the Internet

One of the great advantages of Passwordstate is being able to securely provide authorized employees with access to your password credentials whilst they’re out of the office.  This requires your Passwordstate instance to have a connection to the … [Continue reading]

Encryption Keys Explained

Passwordstate utilises a number of techniques to ensure the security of your password credentials.  One of these is implemented automatically during installation, when two unique encryption keys are created.  These encryption keys use a … [Continue reading]

Diagnose and Fix Passthrough Authentication Issues

Passwordstate has a couple of base authentication methods, Active Directory Integrated and Forms Based Authentication.  When you setup Passwordstate for the first time you can choose which of these authentication options you want to use.  … [Continue reading]

First Sneak Peek at Passwordstate Version 9

At times it starts to feel overwhelming with the impact that COVID-19 is having on our extended global family and friends.  So, we’ve been trying to distract ourselves by focusing on “other things”. And here at Click Studios “other things” … [Continue reading]

Securing your Web.config File

Click Studios has always strongly recommended that customers encrypt both their Database Connection String and their appSettings Sections of their Web.config file.  These are considered part of Click Studios Best Practice approach for … [Continue reading]

Using the New Browser Extensions with Passwordstate

Passwordstate’s Browser Extensions allow for the secure saving and retrieval of your password credentials using the Passwordstate vault.  These credentials can then be used to autofill your website’s user name and password fields, streamlining … [Continue reading]

New Chrome Browser Extension for Passwordstate

One of the most popular features in Passwordstate are our Browser Extensions.  These plugins for your browser securely retrieve credentials from the Passwordstate vault, and autofill websites credential fields allowing you to login … [Continue reading]