How to use your Phone for Google Authenticator and Passwordstate

We often receive support requests asking how to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in addition to AD Authentication.  This is a straight forward process and the 2FA options can be used with Single-Sign-On (SSO), Manual AD Authentication and … [Continue reading]

RDP and SSH Sessions to Remote Hosts

Click Studios introduced the Browser Based Remote Session Launcher back in Passwordstate 8.2 – Build 8275 (March 2018).  When combined with our Remote Site Locations module customers have the ability to use our first-in-class Browser Based … [Continue reading]

Password Protection for Cloud Accounting

Passwordstate is trusted by more than 29,000 Customers and 370,000 Security & IT Professionals around the world, with an install base spanning from the largest of enterprises, including many Fortune 500 companies, to the smallest of IT … [Continue reading]

How to Change your Passwordstate URL

At installation time some customers elect to customize aspects of their Passwordstate installation.  By default, Passwordstate will use the Host Name of the Webserver that it is being installed on.  Alternatively, you can specify a custom … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate One-Time Password Authenticator

A One-Time Password (OTP) is a password that is valid for only one login session or access transaction.  OTPs, used as part of 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication), offer an advantage in that they’re not vulnerable to replay attacks.  This means … [Continue reading]

Update to Remote Session Launchers

Passwordstate has two first-in-class Remote Access Solutions, typically referred to as Remote Session Launchers, a Browser Based Launcher and a Client Based Launcher.  The Remote Session Launchers are provided as part of the core Passwordstate … [Continue reading]

Second Sneak Peek at Passwordstate Version 9

The features, optimization and stability for Passwordstate V9 is coming along a treat.   This week’s blog aims to tease you with a couple more features designed to make your Passwordstate related work-life easier. Settings Search … [Continue reading]

Reporting When a Sensitive Password has been Viewed

As discussed in last week’s blog, Passwordstate is designed to keep Security Administrators and users informed when different events take place. Building on from that, … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate Email Notifications Explained

Passwordstate is designed to keep Security Administrators and users informed when different events take place. This is achieved through a combination of audit records, real-time monitoring and email notifications. With over 50 different types of … [Continue reading]

Remote Sessions Without Knowing the Password

A key feature of Passwordstate is being able to automatically authenticate to remote hosts, without the need for specifying your authentication credentials manually.  This feature can be extremely useful when utilising contract staff to assist … [Continue reading]