New Upgrade Process

With the release of Passwordstate V9 Build 9300 we’ve changed the way that Passwordstate is upgraded.  The old In-Place Upgrade Capability is deprecated and no longer functions for any previous build of Passwordstate.  If you try to perform an In-Place Upgrade, on builds prior to 9300, you’ll receive the following error message;

Upgrade error detected – It appears the file /upgrades/ is corrupt. Please delete this file and then restart the upgrade process again.

This is by design as the In-Place Upgrade Capability has been blocked by Click Studios.  Build 9300 removes the In-Place Upgrade Capability and all upgrades are now performed by our new Common Software Installation Process.

What is CSIP

The new Common Software Installation Process, or CSIP for short, uses InstallAware’s Windows Installer software as the engine for upgrading your Passwordstate instances.  It uses code developed by Click Studios to accurately detect aspects of your configuration, ensuring the deployment of the correct assemblies that your instance needs when upgrading.

CSIP handles both new installations as well as upgrades to existing installations.  There are two flavours currently available from our website and Content Delivery Network (CDN), 

  • For customers already using Passwordstate V9 the correct download is the one available underneath the Passwordstate 9 (Build 9300) header.
  • For customers upgrading from a build earlier than 8995 the correct download is the one available underneath the Passwordstate 8 (Build 8995) header.

Check the Checksum First!

We strongly recommend comparing the checksum of the downloaded file against the checksum information published on our website at the time you download the file.  Each time a new build is released the checksum value will be different and you should confirm it against the value published on our site.

In the example below I’ve downloaded the CSIP package for an existing V9 installation and have compared the checksum value to ensure the download hasn’t been tampered with;

Performing an Upgrade

The process of upgrading is very straightforward.  But before you do, please ensure you’ve read the Upgrade Instructions document.  The link for this is located at the bottom of  

Once you’ve read this, and taken any steps required, simply extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP file and run the passwordstate.exe as an Administrator on your Passwordstate webserver.  This will perform various checks and you will be prompted to click the checkbox to confirm a backup has been taken of the Passwordstate folder and database (LHS of image below).  Please make sure you have a successful backup of these and then click Next

You’ll now be presented with the License Agreement Screen (RHS of image below).  Take the time to review the License Agreement and if you want to accept the terms of the license agreement click the checkbox.  Now you can click Next to begin the upgrade.

This will present you with the image below (LHS) stating that CSIP is now ready to configure Passwordstate on this computer (webserver).  Click Next and the upgrade will commence (RHS).

When CSIP has completed installing your upgraded files you will be presented with confirmation that the first phase of the upgrade has completed.  You are then requested to log into your Passwordstate instance, and complete the database upgrade phase.  This process is exactly the same as in previous builds of Passwordstate.  Click Finish to close CSIP.

The upgrade of the core product really is that simple.  As always, if you’ve got any feedback you’d like to share please send it to