Linking Multiple Websites to One Password Credential

Our Technical Support Team recently assisted a customer with an issue related to form-filling credentials for a website where the website redirects to a secondary page.  This can happen when the primary URL for the website redirects the user to another URL for part of the login process. 

Example: Microsoft Advertising

The example we’re using for this is Microsoft’s Advertising login.  The primary URL we’re using takes us to the username webpage of automatically form-fills the email address as our username;

However, the password webpage is located at and because of this the Browser Extension doesn’t correctly form-fill the password;

Linking Multiple Website URLs

To fix this we need to add in the additional URL for the credentials in Passwordstate.  To do this, login to Passwordstate, select the Password Record and using the Action icon select Link Account to Multiple Web Site URLs;

From there you’ll need to add in the additional URL, in this case as the URL above is ;

Once this is saved, you’ll either need to logout and then back into you Browser Extension, or alternatively wait at least a minute before retrying.  Once you’ve done that credentials in our example now correctly form-fill on both screens.  The Enter Password Screen is shown now form-filling below;

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