Importing Passwords from LastPass into Passwordstate

Step 1:

To export your data from Lastpass, select “Open my Vault

Go to “More Options” and under Advanced click “Export”

Type in your Master LastPass password and click Continue:

This will open a new tab in your browser and it will have multiple lines of text.  Highlight all of these lines and copy then to your clipboard using Control-A and Control-C

Open a notepad, and past the contents into the notepad, and then save it as a csv file (if you wrap the LastPass.csv title in double quotes, this saves it as a csv file):

Step 2:

Download the “” file from

Step 3:

Extract this file which will give you a Import-LastPass.ps1 Powershell script.  Open this script with Powershell ISE or a Powershell scripting tool of your choice.

Step 4:

On lines 5 – 9 you’ll need to enter your appropriate information about your Passwordstate website:

  • $PasswordstateURL is just your standard URL you use to access Passwordstate
  • $Filename is the full path to the CSV file you created in Step 1
  • $SystemWideAPIKey can be generated/found under Administration -> System Settings -> API
  • $TemplateID is the number of the built in “Web Site Logins” Password List template.  This can be found under Administration -> Password List Templates and you’ll need to toggle the ID column visibility to get this value:
  • $UserID is your exact username you enter to access Passwordstate. This can be found under Administration -> User Accounts

Step 5:

If you now runt the script, you should get no errors, and a new Folder will be created in your Passwordstate Navigation Tree called “LastPass Import”.  Inside that folder should be a number of different Password Lists, depending on how many Groups you had in LastPass, and in each of those Password Lists should be all of your existing LastPass passwords.

We hope this helps and if you have any queries about this, please contact for help.

Regards, Support.