Expert Insights Best-Of Cybersecurity Awards: Click Studios Awarded Again!

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Expert Insights Announces Fall Best-Of Cybersecurity Awards: Click Studios Passwordstate Awarded Best-Of Business Password Management!

Expert Insights has announced their fall 2021 Best-Of Cybersecurity Awards. Click Studios, an Agile software development company specialising in the development of the secure Enterprise Password Management solution called Passwordstate, has been awarded Best-Of Business Password Management again!

Expert Insights’ Best-Of Cybersecurity Awards recognize the world’s best cybersecurity companies and products based on research by Expert Insights’ independent technical analysts and editorial team, customer feedback and industry recognition.

Click Studios Passwordstate earned its award thanks its granular admin controls, with policies around when users must reset passwords and how long and complex passwords need to be. This makes Passwordstate a good option for large organizations that need to ensure strong password security across all of their employees efficiently.

Customers continue to praise the reporting and auditing offered by Passwordstate. Admins have access to 49 pre-defined reports, giving teams more visibility over who has had access to which accounts within the organization, and where passwords have been shared.

Passwordstate is accessed via a browser, and mobile app, so employees can access their passwords wherever they need to. Access to Passwordstate and passwords can be configured for multi factor authentication, helping to ensure encrypted passwords are secure.

Click Studios Response

Click Studios General Manager, Customer Engagement and Technology stated “This is great recognition once again, that Click Studios with it’s Enterprise Password Management solution Passwordstate, competes on a feature for feature basis with the industry heavy hitters.  Where we come into our own is the outstanding quality of our Technical Support and we price our solution so that it’s affordable for everyone.  Because it really is important!”.

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