Click Studios Support

Click Studios has built its well-earned reputation on three Pillars.  The First Pillar: Continuous development of an Enterprise grade Password Management Solution that is feature rich and scales from the smallest not-for-profit to the largest multinationals. The Second Pillar: Our solution must remain affordable for all businesses ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to protect their privileged accounts and access to data.  The Third Pillar: Provide excellence in the technical support of our solution by hiring inquisitive, technically savvy, customer focused team players that are truly passionate about helping others.  

Click Studios Support

The Passwordstate product suite, including the core product covered by Client Access Licenses (CALs), Enterprise and Global Licensing along with the High Availability Module are all able to be placed under maintenance.  The Click Studios term for maintenance is Annual Support and Upgrade Protection.  Active Annual Support and Upgrade Protection entitles customers to all minor and major releases of Passwordstate, Priority Email and Phone support covering technical questions, how to questions, general enquiries and Remote Desktop assistance if deemed necessary by our Technical Support Team.

Our subscriptions for the Password Reset Portal and Remote Site Locations are only available if you have Active Annual Support and Upgrade Protection and the duration of the subscription is bound to your support expiry date.

What is covered (in detail)?

By purchasing Annual Support and Upgrade Protection you are covered by the terms and conditions as outlined here.  When you navigate to the support page on our Website, you’ll see the following displayed;

It’s important to read through the details on this page to understand what is covered and what is excluded.  The following is a brief outline of what is supported and when;

  • Only the current Major version and one previous Major version and their associated add-ons are supported.  This will mean that 90 days after the release of Passwordstate V9 we will only be able to support Passwordstate Version 9 and Passwordstate Version 8 (back to June 2017).
  • Email support is available from Mon-Fri, 6:00am-6:00pm UTC +09:30 (Adelaide, Australia)
  • Phone support is available from Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5:00pm UTC +09:30 (Adelaide, Australia)
  • Emails and Support Tickets generated between the support hours described above will receive a response within 2 hours.  Outside of standard support hours we guarantee a 24 hour response (generally within 12 hours)
  • We are unable to cover third party applications, hardware or the use of Click Studios software in unsupported environments.  This includes assistance with Load Balancers, Network configuration and assistance in maintaining your Microsoft SQL Databases.

Please note, if you have accidentally allowed your Annual Support and Upgrade Protection to lapse we’ll be unable to provide you with any assistance (even though the Technical Support Team will want to).  The Technical Support Team will advise you of this and will CC in to assist with a quote to reimplement your Annual Support and Upgrade Protection.

How to log a Support Call

When needing to log a support call you have 3 options.  The easiest is of these is to Generate A Support Ticket, followed by directly emailing our Technical Support Team and lastly via calling support. 

To Generate a Support Ticket simply browse to the Click Studios Website Support Page and you’ll be presented with the following screen,

This page details the support hours for Email Support (including Support Tickets), the current date and time for Adelaide Australia and the international phone number if needing to call for support.  It also provides the email address if you need to email us directly.  As indicated, you’ll need to provide us with;

  • The Passwordstate Build Number, e.g. 8973
  • The Web Server Operating System selected from the drop down list, e.g. Windows Server 2019

Once you’ve entered these and clicked on Generate Support Ticket you’ll be presented with an email as per below;

You’ll notice that the above email has prepopulated the Build Number and Server OS fields and generated a Support Ticket ID for this request.  Now comes the important part, we need as much information as possible relating to your issue.  This includes,

  • The Web Browsers you are using to connect to the Passwordstate web site e.g. Edge Version 85.0.564.51
  • Screenshots of any errors
  • Description of what you were doing in Passwordstate at the time
  • Instructions on how to reproduce the error

Call Support

While we prefer to accept Support Requests via Generating A Support Ticket or direct email we will of course accept phone calls. 

The reality is that more than 99% of our Support Requests are in the form of Support Tickets and direct Emails, and as this medium supports the supply of diagnostic rich information, it is far more effective for both parties.

What about Trial Implementations and “Free for 5 Users”?

Click Studios understands that Support Requests may be submitted by organisations that are trialling Passwordstate and for small business that have taken up the offer of “Free for 5 Users” licensing.  In these instances, Click Studios will use reasonable efforts to provide technical support on the following basis,

  • Customers with active Annual Support and Upgrade Protection will be prioritised highest in the queue for support
  • Potential Customers with active Trial licenses and are still trialing Passwordstate are prioritised next
  • Small businesses with “Free for 5 Users” licensing are prioritised last

Extended Support

Click Studios offers Extended 24 x 7 Support which is in addition to the standard support coverage.  The Extended Support is for critical events where the Passwordstate Website is not accessible for all users.  Customers must have attempted to restore their Passwordstate Instance system from the last known good backup before contacting Click Studios.

The Support Request process is initiated via calling the Extended Support phone number, issued after Extended Support has been purchased.  Your call will then be routed to the on-call Technical Support Engineer.  Please note the Technical Support Engineer does not monitor the Click Studios Ticketing system for incoming Support Requests.  In these cases you should only email through information for the on-call Technical Support Engineer when requested by them.

The limitations associated with Extended Support are,

  • Any minor events or issues logged as part of the Extended Support will incur additional charges
  • Email requests received outside of standard support hours will not be processed until the next business day
  • It is not available for Trial or “Free for 5 Users” licenses
  • Click Studio reserves the right to determine which customers qualify for the Extended Support prior to accepting the order
  • Additional charges may apply in instances where upgrades have been attempted and backups have not been performed and/or instructions have not been followed

If you have any queries, or want to provide feedback, please email it through to