Buy Now – Options and Information Required

You may be a new customer, having trialed Passwordstate, and are about to jump in and make your first purchase.  There are a number of different ways in which you can purchase Passwordstate, so which do you choose?  This week’s blog entry is a quick overview of using the BUY NOW menu option available from our Website.

Locating the BUY NOW Options?

When you browse to the Click Studios Website you’ll notice the third menu item, from the left at the top of the screen, is BUY NOW.  This menu provides a range of different options and information to ensure you have everything you need to complete your purchase.

Buy Now

When you select the Buy Now option you will be taken through to our Purchase Passwordstate page  This allows you to enter the quantities and types of licenses you require.  In all the examples for this week’s blog entry we are using a fictitious company called Contoso,

In our examples Contoso are about to purchase 60 x Client Access Licenses (CALs) with Annual Support and Upgrade Protection and a Password Reset Portal Subscription for up to 100 Users.  The cost for the purchase is presented to the customer and they can fine tune the quantities up and down as required before selecting Buy Now.  It is important to note that outside of Australia the purchaser is responsible for any applicable sales and value-added taxes in their jurisdiction.  These taxes are not factored into the prices presented on the Purchase Passwordstate screen.  Our Australian customers will be presented with the GST component on this screen and it is factored into the Total Price. 

On clicking Buy Now you will be directed to our Webpage that links through to our global eCommerce partner BlueSnap,

When entering your payment details you should note;

  • If you don’t see the Order Information as per above click on the + symbol in the circle.  That will expand the Order Information summary.  To see the full description, hover your mouse cursor over the description.
  • You’ll note that BlueSnap have automatically added the Tax for your Jurisdiction.  This controlled by BlueSnap and is legally required by them.  For European customers with tax exemption you will have the option to input your exemption code and BlueSnap will not apply this Tax component.

Once you’ve completed filling out your details click on submit.  You will receive an email with the order details and your license keys will be emailed through within a maximum of 48 hrs (typically 12 hrs).

Get a Quote

When you select the Get A Quote option you will be taken through to our Create Passwordstate Quote page  This allows you to create a formal quote and have that emailed through to a nominated email account.  Simply supply the Company Details and enter the quantities and types of licenses you require as per the image below,

On clicking Submit the nominated email account will receive a copy of the Quote as per below,

You’ll also note that at the bottom of the quote you are presented with a number of options to proceed with the order,

  • If you click on the Click to order Online link at Option 1 you’ll be taken through to our Webpage that links through to our global eCommerce partner BlueSnap.
  • If you click on the Click for Purchase Orders Instructions link at Option 2 you’ll be directed to and be presented with the details to be included on your Purchase Order, 
  • If you elect to take Option 3 and provide a Direct Bank Deposit / Wire Transfer please note that IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is not used in Australia.  We have followed the recommendations issued by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia on how to represent an IBAN.  You can reference their information here.  Please ensure you email us with the License Registration Name, typically your Company or Business Name, your contact details including First Name, Surname and email addresses of up to 4 contacts and the details of the transaction.  Don’t forget to reference the quote or invoice number in the deposit / transfer description so that we can trace the payment.  Once we have received payment we will generate the licenses keys and email them through.
  • Lastly, if you decide to pay by Check and are based outside of Australia it can take between 8 to 12 weeks for the Check to arrive.

We hope this helps in better understanding your purchasing options.  If you have any queries or would like to provide feedback please email it through to