Browser Extensions, Options when Saving and Ignored URLs

Back in November 2020 we published a Blog article called Ignored URLs and Browser Extensions.  The focus of that article was on how to promote strong password generation, encourage users to use Passwordstate and understand the options presented when saving a password record.  You can find the previous article here

Since then, we’ve updated the Browser Extensions, the dialogs and the buttons that are presented.  This blog article is about the changes that we’ve made since the previous article above.

Changes to the Add Site to Passwordstate Dialog

When navigating to a website, one that you don’t have any saved credentials for, on logging in you will be prompted to Add Site to Passwordstate?  The image below shows the new Browser Extension dialog on the Left (Green Arrows) and the old Browser Extension on the Right (Red Arrows).

The first obvious change is the old CloseIgnore and Save options (Right, Red Arrows) have been replaced with Later, Never and Save options (Left, Green Arrows).  Note, I’ve removed the username from the images of both Extensions.

The reasoning behind the changed labels on the buttons was to make it clear what action was taken when clicking on each button;

  • Later (was Close):  This will simply close the Add Site to Passwordstate dialog and take no further action.  When you next login to that site you’ll be prompted once again to Add Site to Passwordstate.
  • Never (was Ignore): This was the button wording that confused many customers.  When clicking Ignore in the old Browser Extension, you weren’t telling the Browser Extension to ignore the add request this time.  You were telling Passwordstate to create an Ignored URL for that website and never prompt to add a record for that websiteever again!  This wording has been changed to Never to make it clear you never want to save the credentials for that site (which creates an Ignored URL entry).
  • Save (was Save):  You get the idea here.

Update Password Dialog

Once you’ve added the record, it’s a good idea to periodically change the passwords for your websites.  When you change the password on the website the Browser Extension will prompt you to Update Password as per the image below;

You have two options presented, Later and Update;

  • Later:  Again, this will simply close the Update Password dialog and take no further action.
  • Update: This will update the password record with the new password.

Don’t forget, the Generate Password screen from the Browser Extension is a great way of generating complex passwords for your website logins.  And you don’t need to remember them when using the Browser Extension.

Visual Indicator for Ignored URLs

First of all, lets cover off on the colors that the Browser Extension could be showing.  The image below is a composite image showing these colors;

  • Red Icon:  This means the Browser Extension isn’t logged into your Passwordstate Instance and you cannot access Password Records.
  • Blue Icon: This means the website you are currently visiting has an Ignored URL.
  • Black Icon: This means the website you are currently visiting is accessible by Passwordstate.  You can save credentials for this site to your Password List.  If the icon has a red badge with number in it, then there is already a password record that you can access for this website.  Any more than 3 password records will be displayed as 3+ in the badge.

Taking this further you can see that the website I have navigated to has turned the Browser Extension icon blue, and by clicking on the Browser Extension you can see there are 4 Ignored URLs that apply to the website.

If you have inadvertently set an Ignored URL, typically by clicking on the Ignore button, you can click on the arrow on the Right Hand Side of the Ignored URLs and then click on the X next to the URL you wish to remove as per the image below;

This will now allow you to save a password record for the site as normal.  Note you can only delete personally set Ignored URLs, not global Ignored URLs.  Alternatively, you can remove any personal Ignored URLs from within the Passwordstate UI by navigating to Preferences Menu->Preferences->browser extension->ignored URLs.

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