Branding Options for your Passwordstate Instance

Branding within Passwordstate offers customers the ability to configure their Instance to more closely match an organization’s corporate look and feel.  This can be as simple as providing a custom URL (Uniform Resource Locator), making it easier for your users to remember the name of your Passwordstate Instance, to using custom logos, corporate colours and consistent naming conventions.

All of these are done to project an image of consistency across business applications, make it easier for the user to remember what an application is, and ensure as many barriers to adoption and use are removed as possible.

Passwordstate’s branding options are located under Administration->System Settings->branding.  Here, you’ll find the options for changing the appearance of your instance.  For information on how to change your Passwordstate URL please refer to this previous blog

Where are the Branding Options?

The following branding examples have been performed in my sandpit environment to demonstrate what you can do.  Here at Click Studios we use the default settings, with the exception of the login screen background image.  After all…we think the branding is pretty cool straight out-of-the-box.

Website and Dialog Logos

 For the purpose of this blog, we’ll make a number of changes from the default Passwordstate branding. 

The first is we’ll change the Main Page display.  Under Show Passwordstate Build Number we’ve selected Only Security Administrators to see the Build Number at the top of the screen.  Next, we’ll enter the wording that appears on the Web Browser tab for any Passwordstate sessions, in this example we’ve changed it to Click Studios Passwordstate

This will produce the following result for everyone.  Security Administrators will still see the version number in its usual location next to the Main Page Title and Logo,

To create the Grey Passwordstate Logos I’ve simply created a green box (same color as the Base Color) in Microsoft Paint 3D, grabbed a Passwordstate logo from our dev environment and pasted it over the top.  In my case I’ve saved it as a .png file with the dimensions of 208 Wide x 24 High (pixels), however you can also save it in .gif or .jpg formats.  Note there is a difference in the sizes between the Title Logo and Dialog Logo.  To upload the new logo’s simply click on the buttons to Upload New Logo as per the image below,

Whilst the Dialog Logo is a little “yuck” with the green box on white – it’s only for the purpose of proving the branding has been done.  The Title Logo results are shown in the images above and the Dialog Logo is show below;

Base Color and Login Screen Background Image?

Now for the base color change.  Again, I’ve simply fired up Paint 3D with a copy of the Click Studios logo.  Then I’ve selected the green in the logo, grabbed that colour to get the Hex color code and input it below,

As the image above shows, you can create a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to describe how HTML elements are to be displayed.  This does require some knowledge of HTML coding so we won’t go into it here.  Lastly, I’ve decided to upload a wallpaper I’ve previously created as the Login Screen Background Image using the Upload Background button in the image below,

and once you’ve saved the changes that’s it.  Customising the Passwordstate branding really is as simple as that.

As always, we welcome your feedback via