Important Changes to Browser Extensions

Click Studios is making changes to Passwordstate and our Browser Extensions.  We’ve been maintaining a legacy code base in Passwordstate and the Browser Extensions since Build 8782, released way back in September 2019.  This code base can … [Continue reading]

Getting More Out Of Passwordstate

Passwordstate commenced development way back in 2004, as a result of witnessing first hand, the number of clients that had adopted poor Password Management practices.  Approaches such as storing simple passwords, in unprotected spreadsheets, … [Continue reading]

Importing Hosts In Bulk

The Hosts tab facilitates two main functions.  To allow Hosts to be added into Passwordstate, and in doing so enable local accounts on those hosts to be managed in the form of Account Discoveries, Password Resets and Account Heartbeats.  … [Continue reading]

All About Licensing

Click Studios receives requests, related to explaining Passwordstate licensing, on a regular basis.  While we have the majority of the details covered here we still have other associated … [Continue reading]

Bypassing SAML Authentication For Selected Users

We often get asked if it’s possible to bypass SAML Authentication and have an alternative fall back method of Authentication enabled for Passwordstate Users.  The requested use case typically being that SAML Authentication is set globally with … [Continue reading]

Tagging Data Belonging To Remote Sites

Passwordstate has flexible Privileged Account Management functionality included in the core product.  This means it is available for customers with Client Access Licenses (support for up to 199 users per instance), Enterprise Licenses (unlimited … [Continue reading]

What Is Maintenance Mode?

Have you ever considered if there is an impact associated with performing upgrades to systems?  Or for that matter, how you minimize any potential impact on your internal customers? Many Operating Systems and Applications use the concept of a … [Continue reading]

OTP Codes And Simplifying Your Life!

Have you ever had the extreme pleasure of using an authenticator app that, for some completely random reason, decides it can no longer access its database.  And to top it off, you think “no problem, I’ll just restore my backup of the app”, only … [Continue reading]

Password Change Post Processing

Passwordstate includes PAM functionality as part of the core software.  This allows you to perform on-demand or scheduled Password Validations (heartbeats) and Resets across multiple different systems or platforms.  You can also perform … [Continue reading]

Where’s My Password Reset Portal?

Back in June this year we published a blog post that ran through What Passwordstate Options Are Installed And Where? But guess what… yeah that’s right… the author went and forgot to include the details for where the Password Reset Portal is … [Continue reading]