Base Passwordstate Installation in Azure and AWS

­­­­­­Passwordstate is marketed as an on-premise web based solution for Enterprise Password Management.  However, “on-premise” doesn’t really mean it has to be based out of a physical bricks and mortar location.  On premise really means … [Continue reading]

Performance Improvements – How to Troubleshoot and Resolve Issues

From time to time we receive support requests from customers having performance issues with Passwordstate.  In a significant number of cases the issues contributing to, or even the direct cause of the performance issues, are related to … [Continue reading]

Mitigating The Need for Internet Access

Mobile Client support, introduced back in Passwordstate 6.2 (2013), enabled access to your password credentials from iOS, Android, Windows Phones and Blackberry devices.  Its primary focus was providing remote access to managed credentials while … [Continue reading]

One Time Passwords and The Browser Extension

This week’s blog almost sounds like a modern take on one of Aesop’s fables, except instead of featuring animals with human attributes we’re using a modern “technology take” on the story.  There’s no moral taught in this story (blog), just … [Continue reading]

Searching in System Settings and Feature Access

There’s no denying that Passwordstate has a significant number of options for configuration and customization.  That can sometimes make it hard to remember exactly where a configuration option lives (or is hiding).  That’s why in V9 we … [Continue reading]

Top Ten Golden Rules for People New to Passwordstate

With the release of Passwordstate V9 we’re seeing a lot of interest from potential customers about the existing and new features that are included in our product.  However, we all sometimes get side-tracked by the “bright shiny objects” and miss … [Continue reading]

Installing Passwordstate on a Windows 10 PC

One of the issues faced by small businesses, especially in today’s Cloud First World, is there is very little in the way of computing infrastructure that is hosted out of a bricks and mortar premises.  A lot of small business utilising SaaS … [Continue reading]

Branding Options for your Passwordstate Instance

Branding within Passwordstate offers customers the ability to configure their Instance to more closely match an organization’s corporate look and feel.  This can be as simple as providing a custom URL (Uniform Resource Locator), making it easier … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate Backup Functionality Explained

You’ll have to indulge me upfront this week. I’ve dusted off my old CTO and Management soapbox and here comes the Backups 101 lecture. Our driving philosophy is Password management should be affordable for everyone. Because it’s … [Continue reading]

Password Strength and Generator Policies in Detail

This week’s blog builds on the entry last week     Now that you’ve decided to block the use of Bad Passwords in your organization, using the Bad Passwords feature in … [Continue reading]